Are you an artist, musician, songwriter, band member, composer, producer, indie label, or manager in need of professional advice and guidance?

As a consulting and marking team, we utilize a unique “Event Based Marketing Strategy”.  Our primarily base are concerts, conferences, music festivals and digital platforms to communicate the value of products and/or services.  The pre-event and post-event marketing value are numerous and quantifiable, with a flood of opportunities such as sponsorship, branding, marketing and sales activities.  All programs and projects are designed to create demand with experiential digital marketing and promote economic growth by encouraging and assisting businesses with expanding into digital platforms and new markets.


Our team will assist you with branding, conferences, concerts, festivals, information presentations, sales, seminars, and many other services.agraph. .

We help marketing and promotion departments create digital promotions, develop “P.R.” campaigns, and arrange celebrity support and appearances.  Our graphic designers help enhance branding with new logos, merchandise and promotional materials. Update contact images, start digital campaigns (vlogs, music videos, webisodes) designed with millennial segmentation targeting. 

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